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Frames Per Second & Video Quality
Frames Per Second & Video Quality

We'll review how to adjust your frames per second and improve your video quality

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Applies to: V1 GOLF customers on app version 3.9.1 and greater. If you're not on the most current app version, please update your app before troubleshooting.

Adjusting Frames Per Second

  1. Open capture screen in app

  2. Click Mid or Max icon in menu bar

  3. Capture your video at preferred frames per second

Quick Tips for Better Video Quality

  1. Position yourself to have the best lighting possible

  2. Use additional artificial lighting if indoors

  3. Carefully position yourself if outdoors so sun is behind camera not behind you

  4. Ensure your device settings are optimized

Tactical Rundown

Step 1 - What is Frames per Second?

Frames per second describes the rate at which consecutive images, called frames, are displayed or recorded per second in a video. Film cameras typically capture and play back at 24 fps, however, for video games, sports broadcasts, and other fast-paced content, higher frame rates like 30 fps, 60 fps, or even 120 fps are used for greater visual clarity and responsiveness.

More frames per second is not always better. The human eye usually cannot perceive fps improvements beyond 30 fps. More frames per second also greatly increases the storage or memory required to save the video. Frames per second and video quality are not directly related.

In sports, higher frame rate is often preferred to ensure specific moments are captured as a frame. A higher frame rate makes it more likely that you can capture impact of the club on the golf ball, or baseball bat and baseball. For this reason, many advanced players or golf instructors will try to record in as high of a frame rate as possible when videoing swings.

Some devices will not be capable of recording at the maximum frames per second allowed in the V1 GOLF or V1 BASEBALL apps. For more information about your specific device, refer to these help articles:

Step 2 - How else can I improve my video quality?

Other factors like resolution settings and lighting will also greatly impact your video quality.

Refer to the help articles linked above to change the specific resolution settings on your device. Higher resolutions, such as 4K (3840x2160 pixels) or 1080p (1920x1080 pixels), offer greater detail and clarity compared to lower resolutions like 720p (1280x720 pixels) or standard definition (SD).

The lighting conditions during video recording can significantly impact the overall quality.

When recording inside, ensure you have ample lighting. Adding a backlight (light coming from behind camera towards you) can greatly enhance video quality in a room with overhead lighting.

When recording outside pay attention to the position of the sun and try to avoid placing the sun behind you. Depending on the orientation of your hitting facility this may or may not be possible on very sunny days.

Step 3 - How do I adjust my frames per second in the V1 GOLF or V1 BASEBALL app?

To adjust your frames per second in app, open the capture screen and select MID or MAX from the menu bar. The app will default to MID to conserve storage space.

The MID setting is an acceptable frame rate that still conserves storage space.

The MAX setting is the maximum frame rate your device allows and will take up more storage space.

If you do not see MID or MAX as an option in app that may mean your device is not capable of recording at the max frame rate, you're not on the most updated app version, or you're not currently subscribed to V1 GOLF+.

If you are subscribed but still not seeing the MID and MAX option, ensure your app is on version 3.9.0 or higher, then check your device specifications.

Step 4 - How do I import high quality video?

If you prefer to import video, please ensure you trim the video to just show the swing or other action. This will help reduce the size of the video and speed of importing it.

If you receive an error message upon importing it is likely because the file size of the video is too large. Try trimming the video as much as you can and importing it again. If you continue to have an error while importing please contact our support team for more help.

For help trimming videos on your device refer to these help articles:

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