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How to Analyze a Video
How to Analyze a Video

We'll cover how to use the analyzer tool in V1 GOLF to analyze your own swing or a swing from our model swing library

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Applies to: V1 GOLF users on app version 3.0 or greater

Solution Overview

  1. Select video from My Videos or My Sessions

  2. Click on the tools icon

  3. Select an edit tool or draw tool

Tactical Rundown

Step 1

Record your swing or import a swing video from your phone’s library. We’d recommend either a down the line view (centered on ball or feet- consistency is important here) or a face on view (centered on ball or belly button). We have guides available (swipe right just above record button on capture screen) to help you get lined up.

For tips on how to record a great swing video from Michael Breed-

To import a swing, click the camera icon and select import in the bottom right. You will need to be a V1 GOLF+ subscriber to import a video from your camera roll. If you’re on the basic version of V1 GOLF, you’ll need to record the swing in real-time using the V1 GOLF app. You can upgrade anytime using an Upgrade button in the app to unlock the import tool.

Step 2

Select your video from the bottom left in the record screen to open the session.

If you’re not ready to analyze, click the x in the top left to save and exit the capture screen. Click again on the video you want to analyze to open the analyzer screen

Step 3

Click the tools icon to open the analyzer tool box. From here, you can trim the video or rotate if needed. You can also add another video to use the Compare or Overlay tools or use the draw tools to insert lines or objects. To gain access to these tools, upgrade by clicking an upgrade button in the app.

For tips on some great starter analysis lines from Michael Breed-

Click here for a glossary of the icons in the tool box.

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