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Analyzer Tools Glossary
Analyzer Tools Glossary

Get to know all of the different icons and gestures in your analyzer tool

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Applies to: V1 GOLF, V1 BASEBALL, and V1 COACH customers on app version 3.0 and greater

Tactical Rundown

Delete Options

  • To delete the last line or object you drew, double tap the screen. If you continue to double tap, line or objects will be deleted in reverse order they were added.

  • To delete ALL lines or objects, use the Erase tool.

Touchscreen Gestures

  • With two fingers, pinch or expand the line, box, or circle objects to decrease or increase size.

  • To draw straight lines use two fingers.

  • To measure angles connect multiple lines at one origin.

  • You can continue layering like objects once object is selected, no need to go back to tool bag.

  • To move an object, select tool bag, and select Move. Drag the object from the red center square.

  • Double tap screen to remove lines and objects in the reverse order they were added.





Tool Bag

Opens Analyzer Tools


Flips your video over the vertical axis


Trim your video down to just the important bits


Zoom in on your swing using two fingers


Add a second swing video from your library or our model swing library and compare side by side


Add a second swing video from your library or our model swing library and overlay the two


Rotate your video 90 degrees


Select one of your telestration lines to move it


Use to draw a box


Use to draw a circle


Use to draw a line


Removes all lines and objects on your video


Why can’t I access some of the tools?

V1 GOLF+ and V1 BASEBALL+ users get access to all of the analyzer tools. You can upgrade by selecting any of the Upgrade buttons in the app or by going to Settings, then Manage Subscription.

Where do I find more information on how to analyze my own video?

Check out our YouTube channel for tips from top instructors or connect with a coach for an online lesson for a personalized swing analysis.

We like this video on How to Analyze your Swing from Michael Breed:

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