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How to Capture Video

In addition to using model video, video from your locker and existing video on your Android phone, you may also capture your own video using your phone.

Touch your menu key touch the Capture icon that appears, and select Capture. This will start either launch V1 Golf's Capture or your phone's camcorder application depending on your current "Use Camcorder App" setting.

If you're using V1 Golf's Native Capture, you are able to set a Timer that will delay the start of capture. Touching the orange clock icon in the corner will cause the Timer to appear and disappear. Touching the Timer will change the length of the timer.

If you're using V1 Golf's Native Capture, you can control starting and stopping the capture function using any paired Bluetooth device. Touching your device's play button, for example, will begin/end capture. Please see the Settings article for help pairing Bluetooth devices.

If you're using V1 Golf's Native Capture, your device will chime and, if equipped, the flash will flash on to let you know recording has begun, assuming you have the Flash setting enabled. Please see the Settings article for more information.

If you're using V1 Golf's Native Capture, a black rectangle will be displayed, to help you capture your subject. This rectangle can be hidden by touching the magnifying glass button.

If you're using V1 Golf's Native Capture, you can use "Range Mode", which will make recording multiple videos at once easier. Range Mode will chime to let you know a 15 second countdown timer has started. It will then chime again to signal capture has started. After 4 seconds, the device will chime again and the process will repeat. Videos will need to be trimmed before analysis. Hitting Stop at any time ends the process.

After recording, you will be able to Trim Now, Trim Later, Capture another video, or Don't Trim, which will encode the entire length of captured video.

Once captured, your video will be located within the Stored tab, under the Captured label. You will then be able to Analyze or Delete the video, create a Voice Memo and update the Label. If you are currently logged into your locker, you will also be able to upload your video to your locker.

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