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How to Free Up Storage on iOS
How to Free Up Storage on iOS

Save your videos to the cloud to free up storage space on your device

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Problem/Situation Description:

V1 PRO customers having problems with their iOS devices with low storage left.


To save local storage space on your device, go to Library, then click on All. If your video titles is green, it is locally saved to your mobile device. Open on the video then click on the upload icon (box with arrow). Click on the icon, then choose Upload to My Locker.

The video will now be saved to the cloud. You can confirm by going to My Locker. The video file name will be written in gray.

After confirming that you have saved the video to the cloud, you can delete the other copy of the same video written in green. This will free up space on your local storage.

Analyzing Videos Stored in Cloud:

When you want analyze a video stored in cloud, you will first presented with a Download button. Download, and then continue analyzing as usual.

If you see the word Analyze upon opening a video file, it means that that video is saved locally.

Please note that every time you edit a video, it will only be saved to your local storage unless you send it to a student. Use Upload to My Locker frequently to store videos the cloud, then delete the local copy off your device. This will reduce the amount of device storage V1 PRO requires.

Pro tip:

Green file name = Locally saved to mobile storage
Gray file name = Successfully saved to the cloud

Videos saved on the device shows Analyze when opened
Videos saved in cloud shows Download when opened

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