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How to View Drills
How to View Drills

We'll describe how to view drills in the V1 GOLF app

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Applies to: V1 GOLF users on app version 3.0 or greater

Common Causes/Issues: If you’re seeing a V1+ icon across the video you’re trying to watch, it is premium content for upgraded users. You can upgrade at any point using one of the Upgrade buttons in the app.

Solution Overview

  1. From Main Menu, click Drills

  2. Select drill from list

  3. Click Play

Tactical Rundown

Step 1

From the main menu, select Drills under V1 Featured section

Step 2

Scroll the list to find the drill you’d like to watch. We’ll provide you with the name of the drill, the instructor featured, the day it was uploaded, and how long the drill is.

You can filter drills by clicking on the funnel button in the upper right hand corner. Filtering allows you to sort by Topic, Subscription Level, and Club. Click on the boxes on the right hand side to choose which filters you would like to use.

Step 3

Tap on the drill you’ve selected, then when it opens press play. If you’re not seeing a play button tap on the video.

Step 4

The scrubber, sound adjustment, skip forward and backward, and expand to full size buttons are on the bottom of the screen. The ellipsis menu (...) on the top right of the screen will open a menu for you to adjust playback speed if you want to speed up or slow down the video.

Step 5

To exit the drill and go back to the main list, click the white back arrow in the top left part of the screen.

FAQs for Drills

What are V1+ drills? How do I access them?

If you are on the free version of V1 GOLF and are seeing a V1+ banner across the drill that means it is only available for V1 GOLF+ users. You can upgrade at any point using an Upgrade button in the app to view the V1 GOLF+ content. We’re committed to bringing you new drills you can’t find anywhere else from some of the best instructors in the world.

How often do you add new drills?

The new V1 GOLF app allows us to update more frequently. At least once a month, if not more, we’ll be adding brand new content. Sign up for our newsletter or enable push notifications to be notified as soon as new content is added.

How do I request a drill?

Looking for help with a specific issue or have a great drill you want to share? Email us at [email protected].

I’m an instructor. How do I get my content into the V1 GOLF app?

We’re always looking for new content. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

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Still Need Help?

We’re here to help. You can reach us by email at [email protected] or by using the chat feature within our website or app. We’re open Monday-Friday 8:30am-7:30pm ET, and Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-6:30pm ET except for all major US Holidays.

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