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Quick Start Guide V1 GOLF
Quick Start Guide V1 GOLF

Get to know the new V1 GOLF app.

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Applies to: New users of the V1 GOLF app on version 3.0 or later.

Solution Overview

  1. Create an account or log in with an existing account.

  2. Use the Camera icon to capture video.

  3. Tap the Tools icon to open the analyzer tools.

  4. View drills by selecting Drills from the Home screen.

  5. View model swings by selecting Models. Tap the ellipsis icon (...) to analyze the model swing.

  6. Connect with your coach by selecting the People icon and choosing Select Academy and Coach.

Tactical Rundown

Step 1 - Log in

Tap "Sign Up" if you're a new user or "Sign In" if you've previously created an account. If you've forgotten your password, tap "Forgot Password?" and enter your email to receive a password reset link.

Step 2 - Get to know the Home Tab

The home tab has five folders:

V1 Featured:

a) Getting Started - Tap this to see instructional videos on using the app.

b) Drills - Collection of videos you can watch to improve your game.

c) Models - Leads you to a collection of swings for viewing and analysis.

d) Premium Series - Access curated instructional content by renowned golf instructors.

My Videos: Contains videos you've recorded or imported into the app.

My Sessions: The app groups your videos by practice session automatically.

My Lessons: Lessons received from an instructor.

Premium Series: Purchasable lesson series addressing specific topics.

Step 3 - Record your first swing video

Tap the 'Camera' icon in the menu. Center the camera on the subject, leaving enough room to see the entire swing in the frame. Use the DTL or Face On guide to help set up your shot. Tap the record button to start recording, and tap it again to stop recording. Your camera will automatically reset to record another swing. Take as many swings as you'd like. All the swings you record in one day will be organized into your session folder.

To review the videos you have recorded, click on the thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the screen. From here, you can delete any unwanted videos from the session. To return to the camera and continue recording, tap 'Save and Continue.' Tap' Save and Exit Session to save the recorded videos and exit.'

Step 4 - Analyze your first swing video

Choose the video you want to analyze. Click the ellipsis (...) icon next to it and select "Analyze."

Tap the 'Tools' icon to open the Analyzer. Start by trimming your video, or use the pinch-to-zoom gesture if needed.

Use the Draw Tools to add lines and shapes to your video. Remember, when selected, you must use two fingers to apply the box or circle shapes.

Utilize the Compare and Overlay Tools to analyze against a model swing or compare your video with other videos in your library.

Step 5 - Check out Drills and Model Swings

Under "V1 Featured" on the home screen, you'll find drills to watch and model videos that you can view or analyze. To search for a specific video, tap the magnifying glass icon and enter the topic of the drill or the name of the pro. You can also use the filter option to easily find the video you want.

In the model videos list, tap the ellipsis (...) icon next to it. Choosing "Preview" will let you play the swing, while "Analyze" allows you to analyze the video.

Any drill or model with a V1+ banner is only available for V1 GOLF+ users. You can upgrade anytime by going to Settings and selecting "Manage Subscriptions."

If you're looking for a specific drill or model that you cannot find, email us at [email protected].

Step 6 - Connect with Your Coach (If They Use V1 PRO)

From the home tab, click the people icon in the menu, then tap "Select Academy and Coach." Search for the academy using its name, or browse the list.

Tap the academy name to view the list of available instructors. Tap an instructor's name to assign them as your coach.

Return to the home screen and find the video you want to send to your coach. Tap the ellipsis icon (...) icon next to the video, then choose "Send to Coach." You'll receive a confirmation once the video has been sent successfully.

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