How to Invite Students to Join Your V1 Coach Team
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Follow the steps below to invite students to join your V1 Coach Team!

  1. Make sure you have a V1 Game account

You can do this by searching V1 Game in your app store and downloading the app. Make a login account and then use that login information to sign into V1 Coach

2. Log into V1 Coach

Use your V1 Game login information to log into V1 Coach.

3. Select Create New Team from the list of options on the Home Screen.

4. Add Players

The right-most column shows your list of players. If there are none listed, or you need to add more, simply click the "+" add icon. A message box will pop up, allowing you to enter the emails of new students you wish to add.

You will be shown a preview of the invitation email you wish to send to your new student. Send that by clicking the arrow up icon in the top right of this email preview screen.

This view is also accessible if you click "manage team" from your team roster dashboard.

5. View Pending Invites

If you notice, the bottom left-hand corner of this view shows you your "Pending Invites," invitations to students that are waiting to be accepted or declined.

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