Trimming Your Videos (V1 Baseball App)

Save space and tighten focus on your video captures by learning how to trim your videos!

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This support article serves app versions 2.4.3 or earlier. If you have app version 2.4.3 or earlier, please update to the new version of V1 Baseball by visiting your app store!

If you're a user with app version 3.0 or greater, please go here for support.

The trim function is an incredibly helpful tool when trying to concentrate the focus on the most important parts of a video. Especially when there is extra footage, for example the walking to and from the camera before and after your capture of hitting and pitching mechanics.

If that's the case you'll want to trim your video to save space on your device and make reviewing the video easier. Here's how to do it.

Trimming your Video
Once you've captured and saved your video it will appear in the Videos section of the app under the Videos tab. Click on the thumbnail for that video and you see the Video Details page. From this page, click on the Analyze button.


When you get to the analyze page, you'll see a Trim option.
From here, it is very simple to Trim the video to include all of the hitting and pitching mechanics, or part of the set up and video that you want to save. Just slide the yellow slider on either side to trim the front and back of the video to your liking.

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