How to Capture Video (V1 Baseball App)
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This support article serves app versions 2.4.3 or earlier. If you have app version 2.4.3 or earlier, please update to the new version of V1 Baseball by visiting your app store!

If you're a user with app version 3.0 or greater, please go here for support.

1: Open the V1 Baseball app

2: Select the 'Camera' icon on the bottom main menu.

3. The video capture screen should now be displayed. The following recording options are available:

4. Select the red circle at the bottom of the screen to begin capturing video.

4. To end a video recording, select the red square at the bottom of the screen.

5. Once you've ended a video recoding, the video details screen will appear. The following options are available:

  1. Select 'Analyze' to begin analyzing the captured video.

2. Select 'Delete' to delete the video and start a new recording.

3. Edit video details by selecting one of the boxes (Video Name, Folder, View Angle)

4. Select 'Save Video' to save the recorded video and start a new recording.

6. Once you have completed recording videos, select the back arrow on the top right of the screen to return to the home page.

Using the Guide for Down the Line and Face-on
Once you open the Camera there are several options to help you make the most of your videos. Many videos are either captured "Down the Line" or "Face-on". For best results, V1 Baseball app provides guides for both of these views that will encourage you to fill your frame with the hitting and pitching mechanics video. It will be easier to review and analyze this way.

Countdown Timer

Click on the timer icon at the top to select Off, 5s, 10s, or 15s timer to give yourself time to get from the device to set up and take your video. When you click record the countdown will begin and you will hear a beep each second of the countdown. When the countdown reaches zero, it will begin recording.


Use the lightning bolt icon to set flash to on, off or auto for your video recording.

Trimming your Video

Often you'll record more than just your hitting and pitching mechanics, for example walking to and from the camera before and after your capture. If that's the case you'll want to trip your video to save space on your device and make reviewing the video easier. Here's how to do it.

Once you've captured and saved your video it will appear in the Videos section of the app under the My Videos tab. Click on the thumbnail for that video and you see the Video Details page. From this page, click on the Analyze button.

When you get to the analyze page, you'll see a Trim option.

From here, it is very simple to Trim the video to include just the motion, or part of the set up and motion that you want to save. Just slide the yellow slider on either side to trim the front and back of the video to your liking.

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