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V1 Pro Windows: Creating Lessons
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  1. Log in and Select Current Student

After you log into V1 Pro, make sure you select a current student.

Select the student button (silhouette icon in top right) and either select a student or create a new student. After the student is selected, make sure to press "Select as current" in the bottom right of the pop up.

2. Choose a Video

After selecting a current student, make sure to choose a video file. At the top of V1 will be your video files. Choose a video file to have on the screen.


3. Select Academy

After selecting a video, select the Academy button (looks like a Globe).

4. Begin Lesson

When you are ready, press the "Begin Lesson" button. This will start the voiceover lesson.

After beginning the voiceover lesson, you will see the academy button blinking. This means that the voiceover process is currently working. Remember, anything that is said or anything that is drawn at this time, will be recorded by the system.

5. Finish

When you are done with the Voiceover lesson, click the Academy button and press "Done".

After doing so, the lesson wrap-up screen will come up. At this point, you will be able to re-watch and/or re-listen to the lesson before sending it out.

6. Send

When you are ready to send, press the "Send" button.



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