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V1 Game: How to Choose Only 9 Holes
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To start a 9-hole round, you simply play as many holes as you want from the 18-hole course. The app will only use the holes you play for stats!

The home screen will always say resume round if you play less holes than the course contains (9 on an 18-hole course). This is not an issue, your round is complete, it is just giving you a short cut to hop back in if you need.

We are likely going to change this in the next update so that it doesn't show for signed scorecards.

If you search for a 9-hole course and select it, it should ask you if you are going to play 18 (play it twice).

Do not select 'choose back 9.’ If you want to just play 9, choose ‘No’.

The app assumes you will play a 9 hole course with option to choose a second 9 to make it 18. If you are only playing 9, just say ‘no’ to the above question.

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