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V1 Game: Request a Missing Golf Course
V1 Game: Request a Missing Golf Course
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Looking to record your round, but don't see your course of choice? Follow the steps below to submit a request to add a new course to V1 Game.

Step 1: Search for Your Course

From the home screen you can press β€˜Play’. From here, make sure you type in the course you are looking for first to make sure it isn't already in our database.

For more help in this step, visit the help article on Searching for Your Golf Course.

Step 2: Request a Course

If after you search the 40,000+ golf courses in our database and you still do not find your course, you can press 'Add Course' and then 'Request a course'.

This will auto generate an email to [email protected].

Step 3: Enter Course Details

Please make sure you add the Course Name and Location and then press Send.

That's it!

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