Submit A Swing Video To an Online Golf Academy (Android)
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Submit A Swing Video To an Online Golf Academy if you are using an Android device:

Step 1: Open the V1 Golf App

If you haven’t already, download the free V1 Golf App from the Google Play store. 

Step 2: Log In

If you already have a V1 Golf Account, log in.

If not, select Create an Account on the login screen to create a new account. Once your account has been created, log in with your new credentials. 

Step 3:  Capturing or Importing a Swing Video

Press Camera icon on the app home page to activate the camera. When the camera starts, you will find all recording functions along the bottom of the display.

  • Capture a New Video: To record a new video, press the large red record icon at the bottom center of the screen to start the capture process, then press the red button a second time to end capture.  

  • Import an Existing Video: To import an existing video from your Android Gallery, tap Import in the lower left corner instead of pressing record. This will open the Gallery feature and allow you to select which video to use.

To exit capture mode, press the Back button on your device.

*Feel free to submit multiple swing videos.

Step 4: Open Video to be Submitted

Then tap V1/Menu > Send to start the upload process.

Click Change Academy to bring up the academy selection tool.

Use the Add a new Academy option to search for your academy, then select the Academy, Online Lessons as the instructor.

Step 5: Upload

The video will automatically start uploading and be submitted to your instructor.

Once you've submitted your swing videos you can see the status of the lesson and view your completed lesson in the Locker. To see step-by-step instruction on redeeming your video lesson, CLICK HERE.

Pro Tip #1: Swing videos should be taken at waist level either face-on (directly in front of the golfer) or down-the-line (facing the target with the golfer directly in-between).

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