Step 1: Open Your V1 Golf App

Navigate to your V1 Golf App and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Go to the Lessons Tab

Go to the Lessons tab in your V1 Golf App to check the status of your video sent. Keep in mind, a student will only see their completed lesson in the Lessons tab after an instructor receives video, analyzes, and submits the video.

Step 3: View the Status of Your Video

Once in the Lessons tab, there are three possible states your video will be in

  1. Sent
  2. Accepted
  3. Completed

You have successfully submitted the video. Your instructor has not seen it yet.

Your instructor has seen that you have submitted a video, but has not completed their analysis.

Your instructor has submitted their analysis feedback on your video and it is now ready for you to view.

Step 3 Continued:
Keep in mind that you will also get an email or text notification when your instructor has submitted their feedback.

Included in the email will be a hyperlink to view your lesson or you can use the V1 Golf App to navigate to the Lessons tab to view it within the app. In the app, click the Completed video and download to view.

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