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Managing Student Database (Pro Windows)
Managing Student Database (Pro Windows)

Keeping your Business Organized

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V1 helps you to do business by maintaining a database of your students, their contact information and other lesson related data.  Each time you begin work with a new student, you should enroll him or her and then select him or her as the Current Student. Once you do this, the first bin will show you all video previously stored for the student. 

Student Information
When you click the Student button, a window appears which allows you to search for a student; view or edit stored student information, and then select him or her as your Current Student. It’s also the place to enroll new students. 

Student List
If your student list contains too many names to fit on one screen, you may need to use the scroll arrows or drag the scroll box on the right-hand side of the student list. You may also click on the list, then use your keyboard to type the first letter or two of the name your are searching for—the list will jump immediately to that point.

To further limit the view of a large student database, you may select to show My students only which will then show only students with an Instructor field containing the current instructor’s name. By default the instructor field is populated with the current instructor’s name when the New button is used to create a new student.

The option is provided to sort your student list by last name first.

Editing a Student Record

To edit a student record, first locate the student in the student list, and then click on the name in the list. Click the Edit button then click on the field you wish to change and use your keyboard. Finally, save your changes with the Save button, or undo them with the Cancel button.

Adding a Student Record
To add a new student, click the New button.  The fields will be cleared and the cursor will be placed in the Name box. Once you have finished entering all pertinent information, click the Save button. A record should have a unique name and email address. It is possible for several names to share an email address (possibly a family), or for one name to have multiple email addresses (possible different people with the same name).

HINT: If you would like certain fields to have default settings, such as the country, state, gender, etc., create a student record with the name Default.  This record’s values will be used when you click the New button.

Deleting a Student Record
To delete a student record, first locate the student in the student list, and then click on the name in the list. Then, click the Delete button and answer Yes to the “are you sure?” prompt.

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