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Current Student: V1 Pro Windows
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The Current Student 

To select the student you will be working with on V1 Pro, you need to make him or her the Current Student. To do this, double-click the student’s name in the student list, or select the student in the student list and click the Select as current button. 

The student’s name will appear at the bottom of the V1 Pro window. The first bin will automatically become the student’s bin, showing all video stored for the student. All newly recorded video will automatically be assigned to this student. 

To manually “deselect” the current student, you will also find an deselect student button. 

Automatic video storage/deletion 

You will find a new software option to Automatically delete new student recordings left unrated/categorized. When you enable this option, V1 Pro will delete all new student recordings unless you “rate” or “categorize” them, which may help you to avoid “clutter” by deleting all scratch recordings. After recording video, you will see a “clock” icon on the new tabs like this on number 8: 

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