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Student Information 

When you click the Student button, a window appears which allows you to search for a student, view or edit stored student information. Select him or her as your Current Student. It’s also the place to enroll new students. 

The Student List 

If your student list contains too many names to fit on one screen, you may need to use the scroll arrows or drag the scroll box on the right-hand side of the student list. You may also click on the list, then use your keyboard to type the first letter or two of the name your are searching for—the list will jump immediately to that point. 

To further limit the view of a large student database, you may select to show My students only which will then show only students with an Instructor field containing the current instructor’s name. By default the instructor field is populated with the current instructor’s name when the New button is used to create a new student. 

It is recommended that you enter names into the Name field in standard first then last name format. As you may wish to search by last name, the option is provided to sort your student list by last name first. 

Editing a student record 

To edit a student record, first locate the student in the student list, and then click on the name in the list. Click the Edit button then click on the field you wish to change and use your keyboard. Finally, save your changes with the Save button, or undo them with the Cancel button. 

Adding a student record 

To add a new student, click the New button. The fields will be cleared and the cursor will be placed in the Name box. Once you have finished entering all pertinent information, click the Save button. A record should have a unique name and email address. It is possible for several names to share an email address (possibly a family), or for one name to have multiple email addresses (possible different people with the same name). 

HINT: If you would like certain fields to have default settings, such as the country, state, gender, etc., create a student record with the name Default. This record’s values will be used when you click the New button. 

Deleting a student record 

To delete a student record, first locate the student in the student list, and then click on the name in the list.Then, click the Delete button and answer Yes to the “are you sure?” prompt. 

Student Fields 

The information “fields” available to you are as follows: 


     The student name combined with the email address comprises the “key” to the
     database. That is, no two students may share the same name/email
     combination. For consistency across V1 Pro Video Databases, it is recommended
     that you use first-name-first format.

​     Note: that it is possible to sort the student list by last name when searching for

     Email [email protected], for example 


     Use any appropriate format.You may also check the CC Smart phone for push-to-  
     phone lessons. 

     Address 1 

     Street name and number 

     Address 2

     Suite or Apartment Number, if applicable 

     City, State/Province, Zip/PC code Use these as appropriate for your locale. 


     Use a standard Windows date-picker. Hint: click on the Month, Year label at the top
     of the date-picker window to shows years, click again for decades. The student’s
     age will automatically be calculated and displayed to the right of the birthday field. 


     Numerical (inches or meters), or general (short or tall) 


     Male or Female, or you may leave this blank 


     Check this box if the student uses a left-handed stance or club. 

     Body type 

     Endomorph (overweight), Ectomorph (thin), or Mesomorph (muscular) 


     For new students, this will default to your name, but you may choose any other
     instructor identity that has been created on your V1 Pro. 


     This is a sequential record number used to link to other tables. You need this only if
     you will be directly manipulating V1 Pro database files. 


     The number of times a student has been selected as the Current Student. This
     number is automatically incremented by V1 Pro. The date of the last visit is also
     automatically stored. 


     Each student may be assigned a custom color that will be used when his or her
     tabs appear in a bin. This allows you to at-a-glance pick out tabs belonging to
     specific students of interest. 

     Use the Default box to just use the standard student tab color. Use the Set button
     to open the standard Windows color-picker window. 


     You may tag students using the same set of tags used to tag video. When new
     video is recorded for the student, these tags automatically “flow” to the video
     record. For example, video recorded for a student with a “Left Handed” tag will
     automatically be tagged as “Left Handed” as well. Use the Add button to add new
     tags. Highlight one or more tags and then click the Delete button to remove them. 


     This memo field holds any other useful information. This can include motion flaws,
     strengths, learning style, etc.    

     Broadband lessons 

     By default, Internet academy lessons created for students are of broadband size
     and quality. If the student has a very slow Internet connection, you may wish to
     deselect this option, which will cause V1 Pro to create low-bandwidth lessons
     suitable for dial-up networking. 

Student Image 

You may store a picture of each student in your V1 Pro database. If your V1 Pro is displaying live video, the Capture button may be used to capture a still image that will be displayed whenever you access the student’s record. You may click Capture as many times as is necessary. 

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