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Slide: V1 Pro Windows
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When using Compare Mode, only half of the normal space on your screen is available for each movie, and one subject may appear larger than the other. The Slide tool allows you to “pan and zoom” a movie in order to position it for better viewing. 

Here’s a “before and after” example:

After selecting the Slide tool, use the mouse to “grab” the video you wish to move. When you depress the left mouse button (or push down with a pen), you will grab the video, and the mouse cursor will change from an open hand to a closed hand. Once you “grab” the video, moving the mouse will move the video in the same direction. When the video is positioned as you like, release the mouse button. If you reach the video’s border while moving the video, it may be necessary to re-position the mouse and then repeat use of the Slide tool. 

Use the right-mouse button instead of the left to “zoom” the video. When you hold the right-mouse button, the cursor will become a double-headed arrow. Move the mouse toward you (or down) to zoom in. Move the mouse away from you (or up) to zoom out. 

Slide may be used both in Compare Mode and with a single video. V1 Pro will memorize the slide and zoom position for each tab, and will re-open the video in the previously selected position. 


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