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Wedge: V1 Pro Windows
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Digital Effects 

The magic begins, the flexibility that the realm of digital video affords. With this chapter and the next you will see some of the many advantages and 


Overlays a half-transparent triangle on a video in order to to assist you in determining (for example) if a club moves in or out of plane during the golf swing. Here’s an example:

Each video may have one wedge drawn at a time—when a new wedge is drawn, it replaces one that may already be on the screen.

Although the wedge resembles the variable Angle tool, it is drawn differently. To draw a wedge, click first at the vertex (corner) of the angle. Move to draw the first leg of the angle through either the shoulders or the hips. Next, click in the vicinity of the opposite endpoint, and move to draw the other leg. 

V1 Pro automatically remembers the last wedge that was drawn for each video, and instantly recalls it when you click the Wedge button. 

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