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The Text Button allows you to write text on top of the video in the current color. V1 Pro can memorize phrases that you use frequently. Click the Text button and then click on the video at the point where you would like the text to begin.

 This window will open: 

You may simply type the text you want, and click OK or press Enter. 

Before clicking OK, you may press the + button to memorize the phrase for future use. 

If you have previously memorized phrases, you may select the phrase from the Memorized phrases box instead of typing it again. 

There are several Font attributes you may choose: 

Text size 

Move the slider to see your text change size immediately in the edit box. 

Draw a shadow 

Select this option to draw a shadow behind your text, giving it greater contrast for most video. 


Click the Advanced button to open the standard Windows font selection window. This will allow you to select a custom font and attributes such as bold or italics. Note that the text size is not used from this window, as it is controlled by the Text size slider. 

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