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Trim Videos in V1 Pro Windows
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The Trim function allows you to shorten a video to conserve hard drive space, or to make a full or partial copy of a video into a new tab on your system’s hard drive. Open a video, and then click the Trim button to show this window:

The Trim window shows the start and end positions (in both frame and time units) that will be used for your new video. To reset either of these positions, move the slider below either video window. To fine-tune a single frame in either direction, use the arrow buttons found on either side of each slider. 

Replace existing video 

The video will be replaced with the trimmed version; the original version cannot be recovered. 

Create a new video, copy tab info 

A new tab will be created, with identical category, student, instructor, tags, etc. 

Refresh date with today’s date 

Choose this option to update the tab’s date. This will move the tab to the first tab position in a bin sorted by date, newest first (this is the default). 

Convert high-speed to real-time 60fps

Use this option to convert a high-speed video (210 or 300 fps, as from the Casio FX-1) into a “standard” 60fps video. In addition to reducing the storage required by a factor of up to 5, the 60fps version will play at normal speed. 


You may choose to rotate the video 90 degrees either clockwise or counterclockwise. This may be used to correct a cell-phone video or sideways-HD video. 

Click OK to proceed with the operation, or click Cancel to close the window without trimming the video. 

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