Move Videos in V1 Pro Windows
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Open a video, and then click the Move button to show this window:

Another Bin 

Click the name of the bin where you would like to move the video. This option provides a convenient way to re-assign your video to a new student or category. In addition, if your bin is showing only video with specific “tags,” those tags will be added to the video as it is moved. Using this Move option is equivalent to directly editing the video database to change a tab’s student, category, instructor, and/or tags. 

To move more than one video at once, you need to “select” the tabs you want to move before clicking Move. There are two ways to do this. First, you may hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard as you click tabs. You will see check marks placed on those tabs. While again holding Control, click a tab a second time to deselect it. To select a range of tabs, begin by clicking on the first tab in the desired range, and then while holding the Shift key, click on the last tab in the range. 

To select tabs without using the keyboard, instead you may hover your cursor over a tab and when the video preview is shown, move your cursor down to check the Selected box. 

To select all of the tabs in a particular bin, first right-click or hold down the bin button. On the Bin window, select the Select all box and click OK. Now that all tabs have been selected, you may deselect specific tabs by either method described above. 

Note: When tabs are moved to or from your system’s hard drive and another media (such as a CD or Network drive), the original tab is not removed.Instead, a copy is made. 

Move to Instructor or Student Locker 

When you move video to a locker, you may choose either your student’s or your own locker. In order for either of these options to be available, you must be logged into an Internet academy. In order to move video to your current student’s locker, a valid email address must be entered into the student database. 

NOTE:  Video uploaded to a skiing and swimming academy may be 30 seconds in length; all others are limited to 10 seconds.

Burn a V1 video CD 

If your PC has a CD-RW drive, and you have a blank CD, you may use the Move function to create a V1 CD. A V1 database will be created on the CD so that it may be opened as a bin. This database will contain all category and student information for the video on the CD. 

NOTE: After clicking OK, you may Cancel the CD burning process and then move additional video to the CD before finally burning it. 


This option allows you a quick way to copy the video to any Windows file system location, such as a backup folder, desktop, etc. 

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