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Recording in V1 Pro Windows
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When you click the V1 Pro's Record button, a menu with several recording choices appears. 

The first is Record continuous video with manual stop. This recording mode allows you to record video as large as you’d like, or until your hard drive space runs out). 

When recording begins, the Record button icon will alternate with a Stop icon. Press either icon to end recording. A new video will be created in the No category or student’s bin, by default at the beginning of the list. To view your new video, click its tab. 

To automate the recording process, you may choose to Use a microphone or mouse click to trigger recording. This recording mode creates video with a specific duration. V1 Pro can use a microphone to automatically determine impact, or you can “tap” the mouse button at the appropriate moment. The size of the recording buffer (amount of total time recorded) and the position of the impact within the resultant video (how much time is recorded both before and after impact) are determined by Impact Trigger Options as covered in the following section. 

When using the Use a microphone or mouse click to trigger recording mode, you have two options. The first is to Replay video after recording. If you select this option, V1 Pro will automatically play your video in slow motion after writing the file to disk. The second option is to Keep recording tabs until I click Stop. When this option is selected, V1 Pro will automatically prepare itself for another trigger and recording. Use the Stop button to exit this mode. 

V1 Pro's Time Indicator reflects the amount of hard drive space you have available for new recordings (expressed in minutes and seconds). The time decreases as recording progresses. In triggered recording modes, the Time Indicator is used as a “time out” counter.If a trigger is not detected in the allotted time, recording is automatically cancelled. 

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