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Live Video Options in V1 Pro Windows
Live Video Options in V1 Pro Windows
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Live Video Preview 

When the V1 completes its loading process, it will attempt to display video from the first DirectShow camera attached to your system. 

Connecting and disconnecting cameras will cause the V1 to automatically reset live video. To manually reset the display of live video at any time, press the Live button. The Live button is also used to return to live video after viewing your saved video. If live video is unavailable, a message with an error number will be displayed on the screen. 

If the “Unable to display live video” window appears, either the camera was not found, or it could not be initialized. Check your camera selection. Also, the Troubleshoot wizard contains a great deal of information to assist you with resolving any camera connection issue. 

Depending on your system’s configuration and Live Video options settings, live video preview may be of high quality or it may leave something to be desired. In any case, the V1 will attempt to record the actual video to your hard drive at the maximum quality and resolution available. 

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