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Importing Videos into Your V1 Pro Windows System
Importing Videos into Your V1 Pro Windows System
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Video Recording 

Bringing new video into your system is referred to as “video capture”. Please read this chapter to discover and understand the technology choices that you have with your particular system. V1 supports several different technologies for recording video, also.

Live Video Options 

To access the Live Video options page, launch the V1 then select Options. The following window will appear: 

Use the Image size setting to force a device such as a webcam to a specific resolution. This setting should be set to Default otherwise. 

Below the image size setting is a list of the non-camcorder DirectShow devices currently attached to your system. Unselect specific device which you do not wish to use by clicking on their names. 


There are three options on the Live Video options window under the heading of “advanced.” The first, Use VMR mixing mode, should only be used on systems with
high-end video display adapters, such as a newer ATI or NVIDIA models—it allows for higher-quality “flipped” live video and full-motion playback. 

The next option, Draw video directly to desktop (RGB format), should only be used if you are experiencing a problem with your live video display, as it results in a decrease in the previewed video quality. You may wish to enable this feature if you experience a black screen when using live video on an external video display or DVD recorder. 

The last option, DV Decoder Resolution, applies only to systems using IEEE-1394 (FireWire®) cameras and the DirectShow device mode. Most systems will require this to be set at “Half.”High-end systems will adequately handle “Full.” If a system is not quick enough to handle “Full” DV decoder resolution, live video will appear excessively delayed and possibly choppy, and some recording errors may be observed. Lowering this setting does cause some reduction in previewed live video quality, but does not affect recorded video quality and video playback. 

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