Use the following instructions to download model swings onto your local device. After downloading, these swing videos will be visible and accessible in the "Models" folder of your Library.

  1. Open the V1 Pro app.

  2. Select 'Library' from the main bottom menu.

3. Select the plus sign at the top right to get to the download menu.

4. Select 'Download V1 Model' from the Add Video menu.

5. Select the model swing video that you wish to download to your device. You can sort the model swings by date and in alphabetical order.

6. Select a model swing video from the list of available options.

7. Select 'Analyze' and the video will begin to download.

And now the model swing video is downloaded to your local device. Note: All downloaded model swing videos can be easily accessed again in the 'Models' folder in the 'Library.'

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