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Printing (V1 Pro Windows)
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If you have a printer attached to your system, V1 Pro allows you to reproduce on paper what you see in the video window. An options window appears:

Choose the paper size, orientation, and logo position, and then click Print to begin printing. Note that if you have not used the Windows® control panel to choose a default printer, or if you wish to print to a printer other than your default printer, you should also check the Show advanced options window box in order to be presented with the standard Windows® “print dialog” box. You may also use this option to override other default printer settings, such as quality, paper tray, etc. 

The four paper size choices are Default, Photo, Letter, and Poster. The Printer’s default paper size will attempt to use whatever paper size that you have configured for your default printer in the Windows® control panel. The others are standard sizes. 

If you have a logo that you would like printed along with the video image, you may specify the path to a BMP file. This file should be in standard Windows® 24-bit color “bitmap image” format.

By selecting the option Treat black as transparent, the pure color black (RGB(0,0,0)) may be interpreted as the “transparent” color. 

Use the Logo size slider to alter the image’s size, and click anywhere on the Preview window to place the logo. 

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