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Comparison (V1 Pro Windows)
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The V1’s video window may be split to allow you to open and control two videos simultaneously. The Compare button will activate Compare Mode. Click the Compare button again to exit Compare Mode and return to use of the entire video window for a single video. 

In Compare Mode, the video position slider will split into two, and there will be three new buttons placed between the sliders. 

The orientation of the split is determined by a setting on V1 Pro's Playback Options page. Side-by-side comparison is best for golf video, while top-to-bottom comparison is probably best for swimming video. The arrow buttons allow you to select which video you wish to control with Video Controls such as Step and Slow motion. The
 + button allows you to control both videos simultaneously. 

There are several V1 Pro features which become available in Compare Mode. Video Synchronization and Compare to Live are described in following sections. Read about the Slide and Overlay features in the Advanced Digital Effects chapter. 

Video Synchronization 

People perform various athletic motions with different tempos, or speeds. When two videos are compared and put into slow motion, V1 Pro has the ability to either “speed up” or “slow down” either one of the videos in order for them to share the same apparent tempo. 

This feature is engaged with a check box on V1 Pro's Playback Options page. To find this window, launch V1 Pro, click Options and then click Playback at the top of the window. 

When you first use the + button to select both videos, V1 Pro will move each video to the most recent key position of the left-hand video. You will then be able to use either video position slider or the Slow motion buttons to view the two videos in synchronization. 

The accuracy of Video Synchronization depends on the accuracy of the Key position settings for each motion. Although Video Synchronization will be possible after only specification of the Impact Point, you’ll probably prefer the results you achieve after setting the address, “3 o’clock,” top-of-back swing, and follow-through positions as well. 

Compare to Live 

To compare live video with stored video, first click the Live button, and then the Compare button (in that order). You may then open any stored video on the right hand side for comparison. 

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