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Impact and Key Position Buttons (V1 Pro Windows)
Impact and Key Position Buttons (V1 Pro Windows)
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Impact and Key Position Buttons 

The V1 has the ability to memorize up to eight key video positions. The behavior of this feature is controlled by an option on the V1’s Software Options page. Here you may choose 4 golf positions (address, top-of-backswing, impact, and follow-through), 8 golf positions, or 8 non-sport-specific positions. You will see key positions represented on the video slider as green triangles (blue for the golf impact position). 

Golf-specific positions 

In the context of a golf swing, the most important of these is the Impact position—the frame nearest the point in time when the club hits the ball (also known as the Impact Point). In fact, several of the V1’s features require that the impact point of a swing be set before those features become available. A video’s Impact Point may be set automatically—see the Recording Options section of the Video Recording chapter. If a video’s Impact Point has not been set, you will see this button: 

Click the Set Impact button once you have advanced the video to the proper impact frame. Once the Impact Point has been set, you will see the Key Position buttons: 

To immediately advance the video position to any one of the key positions, click the desired Key Position button. 

Setting a new position 

If you wish to change the Impact Point, or any other position, first advance the video to the appropriate frame, and then hold down the desired Key position button until a new point has been set message is displayed. Certain V1 features either require or work more effectively if the important key positions (address, top-of-backswing, impact, and follow-through) are set accurately. These features include Tempo, Video Synchronization, Trace, and Multiple Exposure. 

Key positions are required to be sequential (that is, 2 must follow 1, 3 must follow 2, etc.). If you reset a position, the V1 will automatically redistribute other positions to enforce this requirement. 

Golf tempo estimation 

When impact is set for a swing belonging to or assigned to one of your existing students, the V1 will “estimate” the other positions based on the student’s most recent swing.If the swing does not have a student assigned to it, the V1 will estimate the other key positions according to a default “average” swing tempo. 

Non-sport-specific positions 

If you’ve selected to see the 8 non-sport-specific position buttons, you will not see a “set impact” button. Instead, you will see these buttons: 

Initially, the 8 non-sport-specific key positions are evenly distributed through the video. Position 1 corresponds to the beginning, and 8 to the end of the video. 

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