Video Controls (V1 Pro Windows)
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The Video Controls 

Controls that appear similar to those found on a DVD player or DVR appear at the bottom of the V1’s window. When a video is opened, these controls become available. 

When the video is not moving, the video is said to be “paused.” To move the video by a single frame either forward or backward, click the appropriate Step button found on either side of the Pause button. Each of these buttons may be held down to advance frame-by-frame until you release the button. 

To begin slow motion, either forward or backward, click the appropriate Slow button found next to the Step Buttons. To stop, click the Pause button. 

To play the video at full speed, click the Play button. There may be situations in which the Play button is unavailable, such as Compare Mode when both videos are selected. 

HINT: To create an ad-hoc playlist, select multiple tabs by holding the Ctrl key and clicking tabs before pressing Play. 

To stop slow motion or full-speed playback, click the Pause button. 

Playback will “wrap around” and continue indefinitely if the Replay button is highlighted. Click the Replay button to alternately enable and disable this feature. 

Video may be “randomly accessed” in a quick-shuttle fashion by using the video position slider. 

The slider has a movable ball that represents the position of the video. When the ball is at the far-left side of the slider, the video is “rewound” to its beginning. When the ball is at the far-right side of the slider, the video is at the end. 

The slider’s ball is automatically re-positioned when the position of the video changes as a result of the use of one of the Video Controls. You may, however, move the ball manually by clicking and dragging it. The video will be immediately updated on the screen to reflect your movement. 

NOTE: With longer video, the slider will seem more sensitive; small movements of the slider will represent more video frames. 

                                                        The Mouse Wheel 

If your mouse has a “wheel,” you may use it to advance the video frame-by-frame. In the example to the left, the wheel is shown in green. To use the mouse wheel, first position the cursor over the video. Then rotate the mouse wheel down (use your finger to pull the top toward you) to step the video forward. Move the wheel in the opposite direction to step the video backward. Each “step” of the wheel will correspond to one video image. 

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