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Previewing and Opening Videos (V1 Pro Windows)
Previewing and Opening Videos (V1 Pro Windows)
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Previewing and Opening Video 

The V1 stores video files as “tabs” which may be found in one or more “bins.” Bins act as views of your video database and help you to organize your video. The first bin will always default to No category or the current student’s video. The last bin will be set to All video, your Inbox, or a removable media device such as a camera’s memory card. The other bins will default to showing video of various categories, such as Stored, Models, Lessons, and Titles. 

You will notice that tabs are color-coded to match their category’s color. When you click a bin button, tabs belonging to that bin will be displayed below the bin names. Only 10-15 tabs are displayed at a time. If the bin has more tabs, arrow buttons will appear on either side of the list of tabs to allow you to scroll left and right. If a bin has a large number of tabs, you may hold down an arrow button to continue scrolling with acceleration. 

NOTE: A new recording is always placed at the beginning of the first bin (by default, either No category or the current’s students video) and given the next sequential serial number. If you choose to record into No category, it’s then up to you to Delete tabs or Move them to into categories for long-term storage. See the Working with Video chapter. 

It is unnecessary to open each video in order to preview its contents. Instead, you merely need to pass the mouse cursor over the tab, and a video preview window is opened in the upper-right corner of the V1’s window. It will look similar to this one: 


Beneath the video preview image, you will find the date, student’s name, instructor, category, tags, ID text, description, and the duration of the video (in frames and seconds). The ID basically acts are a very short (10 character) description that will also be placed on the tab to replace the serial number. 

The video’s rating in “stars” appears, and may be adjusted directly by clicking on the new star rating. A Selected box allows a method to pre-select multiple tabs before using the Move or Delete command. 

A “loudspeaker” icon, if present, indicates that the video has an audio track. 

A “microphone” icon appears if the video includes a voice memo. A memo may have been recorded by a user of the V1 Golf iPhone app before uploading the video to the Academy. 

To open a video, click its tab. The video will open full-size into the video window. 

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