What's New in V1 Pro (Windows)

Overview of the updates and new features available in V1 Pro for Windows desktops and laptops.

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Updated User Interface
V1 Pro introduces a modern user interface for a refreshed look and feel. With cleaner buttons and updated color scheme, V1 Pro offers the most comfortable and user-friendly interface to date.

Improved Accuracy of Impact Trigger
V1 Pro introduces an improved impact trigger capable of capturing frame accuracy up to 50 milliseconds for high-frame-rate cameras and is frame accurate for cameras that capture at 100fps and below.

Updated Camera Manager
The updated camera manager in V1 Pro now enables users to assign any camera to any view, simplifying the camera setup and management process.

New Audio Source Manager
Pair any audio source with any video source during capture. Create recordings that have audio even if a camera does not have a microphone. Activate this feature in the cameras tab, under the section titled "Audio Source".

New Auto Stop for Video Recordings
V1 Pro now enables users to automatically stop video recordings after a select number of seconds. This new feature provides more flexibility and freedom for users who do not want to have to manually stop video recordings.

Dynamic Vertical Force with V1 Sports Pressure Mat
V1 Pro now features the Dynamic Vertical Force graph measured by the V1 Sports Pressure Mat. Dynamic Vertical Force is expressed relative to the force of a person's body weight when standing. This graph joins the Pressure and Velocity graph to complete the suite of Pressure Mat data now displayed in the V1 Pro software.  

Full Speed in Comparison Mode
While in comparison mode, users can now play both videos at the same time in full speed in addition to slow speed.

Expanded Range of Slow Motion
The playback speed tool now offers a wider range of speed options between slow motion and full speed.

Separate Pan and Zoom Tools
The Pan and Zoom tools now have their own specific buttons, making it easier for users to navigate and use.

Improved Stability
More than 100 annoyances, bugs, and crashes have been fixed, making V1 Pro the most stable version to date.

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