Connecting your T7 Pressure Mat
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If you have a pressure mat that is an older version that the T7, please contact us directly at 

V1 Pro - Desktop or Laptop
Connect with USB extension cord.

  1. Included with your mat is a USB extension cord. Using the supplied USB extension cord, connect your Pressure Mat to the USB port in your computer. *Do not plug your pressure mat into any other power source besides the USB port of your laptop or desktop.*

  2. Start up the V1 Pro software and the Pressure Mat will automatically be detected

V1 Pro App - iPhone/iPad
Connect with DataPort

  1. Ensure DataPort power is OFF (green LED not on); plug USB cord from your Pressure Mat to USB port on the DataPort box.

  2. Press the green button to turn on the DataPort (the light will turn green).

  3. If the light does not come on, use the AC adapter to supply power and charge the battery

  4. Search for wireless network connections. In the list find the DataPort that has the model number on the side of the box. (e.g., DataPort-xxxxxx).

  5. Click to connect to the DataPort and, if prompted for a password, key in the password printed on a label underneath the DataPort box.

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