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Connecting V1 Sports Pressure Mat with V1 Pro
Connecting V1 Sports Pressure Mat with V1 Pro
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Your V1 Sports Pressure Mat can be connected to either the V1 Pro software on your desktop or on the V1 Pro mobile app. Depending on the method you choose, you will either need to connect the mat directly to your computer via USB or connect via Wifi to the built in dataport powered by the portable USB battery if you are using a iPhone or iPad device. *Do not interchange the different power sources* (for example, you will not be able to use the dataport if trying to connect the mat to your desktop or laptop).

Please note: if you are using a T7 mat or older, please see the article below!
Connecting Your T7 Pressure Mat

Follow the steps in the below sections to setup your V1 Sports Pressure Mat depending on the software you intend to use.

V1 Pro - Desktop or Laptop

  1. Included with your mat is a USB extension cord. Using the supplied USB extension cord, connect your V1 Sports Pressure Mat to the USB port in your computer. *Do not plug your pressure mat into any other power source besides the USB port of your laptop or desktop.*

  2. Start up the V1 Pro software and the V1 Sports Pressure Mat will automatically be detected

V1 Pro App - iPhone/iPad

  1. Find the portable USB battery included in your purchase of the pressure mat. *This should only be used when intending to use the pressure mat with V1 Pro app on your iOS device.*

  2. Plug your portable USB battery into the USB port extending from the pressure mat.

  3. Launch and log into the Pro app now, this is helpful because in the next step, we will connect your internet connection to the pressure mat and lose internet due to the Pressure Mat connection

  4. Connect your phone to the pressure mat via WiFi from the dataport. Search for wireless network connections and in the list, choose the connection named after your mat's specific model number. This number can be found on the side of the box or on each pressure mat if you lift up the top layer. There is a sticker with a barcode on the internal layer that has the model number. For example:


4. The password for this Wifi network is "boditr@k"
5. Once it connects, open the V1 Pro App and when the dialog box pops up just click the red button: "Use direct mode." Note: if you are stuck on the login screen, repeat the steps above making sure you did not skip step 3: login to app before Pressure Mat connection
6. The pressure mat is now connected, if you open up the camera in the V1 Pro App, the pressure mat grid will be visible

Wifi Connectivity with the V1 Pro App

Please note, when your V1 Pressure Mat is connected to WiFi, the signal coming from the pressure mat will be using the entire WiFi connection. In other words, when the pressure mat is connected, you will not be able to use your WiFi internet connection with other apps or be able to send a lesson. Disconnect the pressure mat to reconnect your iPhone or iPad to the WiFi.

Turn off auto-join to the pressure mat to disable your device from automatically connect with the pressure mat while it's powered on and in range. Auto-join is an option you can disable in WiFi settings.

Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad and choose WiFi. Click on the pressure mat connection you wish to disable auto-join (you will still be able to manually connect). There is a green toggle you can switch on and off.

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