Set Up your Account

After you download V1 TV through the iTunes App Store, sign in to create an account to activate access to V1 TV's complete library of video tutorials.

If you do not wish to create an account at this time, there is a free trial version available that grants access to a limited selection of videos.

Browse Categories

At this time, V1 TV offers the following categories of videos:

Get introduced to new drills and instructors!

Drills and Tips
These videos go through tips and drills that the top instructors are excited to share. Topics include routine, mental game, practice and game tips, and more! Work on your game through a variety of drill videos. Upgrade your practice sessions by taking these tips and drills to the range.

Videos include more traditional lesson tutorials working through your stance and setup, swing, and follow through on a variety of shots for different game scenarios.

Introduce yourself to new instructors! This section allows you to search for your favorite pros and watch all of the videos they have to offer. Find more videos by your favorite instructors here!

Click the magnifying search option icon at the top right-hand corner of the videos screen to search for specific instructor videos and lesson key words.

Video Details
When you click on a video or category to view, you will view a screen with video details and play options to choose from. Play/pause, skip forward and back 15 seconds, full screen view, and subtitle options are available.

Up Next

View the next videos in your queue that will play after your selected video if your Autoplay option is turned on in account preferences.

Organize your Favorite Videos!

Curate your own playlists and categories by adding your most watched videos to your Favorites section. Simply click the heart icon on a video details screen to add to this section. 

Locate your Favorites section on the bottom middle tab of the home screen.

View your Account Information

Go to the Settings tab to view the details of your account and update your preferences.

Terms of Service & Privacy
View the details of our terms of service and privacy policy.

Restore Purchase
Use this feature if you have already purchased the V1 TV app on another device and wish to access your account on a new device.

View the version of your V1 TV app towards the right of your screen. Make sure you have the latest version of V1 TV to ensure that you don't experience any technical issues.


Choose whether videos begin play automatically on the video details screen or manually click play to start videos.

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