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Analyze Tools: Multiple Swing Delete (V1 Golf App)
Analyze Tools: Multiple Swing Delete (V1 Golf App)

Feature available in the iOS V1 Golf Plus App 2.3.72

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This support article serves app versions 2.4.3 or earlier. If you have app version 2.4.3 or earlier, please update to the new version of V1 Golf by visiting your app store!

If you're a user with app version 3.0 or greater, please go here for support.

Please note: this feature is only available in the iOS version of the V1 Golf Plus app. V1 Golf Plus is the premium upgrade to the free V1 Golf App.

Use the Delete Multiple function to clean up your "Swings" section faster and more efficiently by deleting multiple videos at a time.

Step 1:
To locate the Delete Multiple button, simply click on the three dots icon to the right of any of the existing videos in the "Swing" section of the app.

Step 2:
From the available list of options, select Delete Multiple.

Step 3:
Select all of the videos you would like to delete. To delete the local versions of these videos, click Delete at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4:
Choose Delete from the pop up window.

If you wish to cancel, select Cancel located in the top left of your screen. Confirm your selected videos to delete by choosing Confirm, located towards the bottom of your screen.

Please note: to ensure you do not accidentally delete all access to your swing videos, the "Delete Multiple" option will only remove videos from your device. The deleted videos will still be accessible in the cloud.

Storage of videos in the cloud means you will be able to retrieve your deleted swing videos in the event you made a mistake in deleting them or simply wish to restore their content locally on your device.

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