In addition to offering import and analysis of model video or video from your locker, the V1 Pro app also allows you to easily capture video using your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how.

Capturing Video

To record a new video, select your device’s camera on the V1 Pro app and choose New Video Capture in the dropdown menu.

Once your camera’s preview window is showing live video, your capture frame rate will show up near the top center of the screen.

– On newer devices, video capture will be limited to 60 seconds. You may trim any video to shorten run time and file size.

– If you wish to time the beginning of your recording, you may adjust your countdown timer to start recording in 0, 5, 10, or 15 seconds. Just use the T- indicator to adjust your timer, then click Record to begin the countdown.

Once complete, your new video will be placed in either the New or Student Video sections and will automatically open for analysis. 

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