Select the Students icon from the dashboard of the V1 Pro app to manage your students.

To Add new students, touch the New Student button at the top/right. You have the option of entering the student information manually or importing it from your address box.

Any student for whom you have done a lesson within the last 6 months will be added to your students list.

On a student's window, you must enter a name and an email address. The phone number is optional, and may be used to send SMS messages to the student when new lessons are made available.

Touch the student silhouette at the top of the student window to capture a head shot of the student for your visual reference.

The Select Student will set the student as your Current Student. You will see this reflected at the bottom of the app. You can use the button to deselect a student as well.

The student's video history is displayed by swiping to the right. The video history is divided between raw Videos and Lessons (Analyzed video). Use the Camera icon to immediately capture new raw video for the student.

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