Checking your locker outside of V1 Sports for Android

V1 Sports for Android lets you check your online locker from outside of the app as well. This will allow you to have a view available (or open) on your Android phone's home screen at any time.

How to enable Live Folders

  1. From V1 Sports for Android's Settings page, check the "Use Live Folder" checkbox. To view V1 Sports for Android's settings, click your Android phone's MENU button and select "Settings".
  2. Log into your online locker by entering your log-in information and touching the Login button.
  3. Hide or Exit V1 Sports for Android. You can hide the app by pressing your phone's BACK or HOME button. You can also exit by touching your MENU button and selecting Exit.
  4. Hold down (long-press) a blank space on your home screen until the "Add to Home screen" box pops up. Select "Folders" and then "V1 Locker".
  5. This will place the folder on your home screen. Clicking the folder will display your current V1 online locker.
  6. Clicking a video will display V1 Sports for Android's preview screen and you can perform all of the available actions on your video.
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