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This support article serves app versions 2.4.3 or earlier. If you have app version 2.4.3 or earlier, please update to the new version of V1 Golf by visiting your app store!

If you're a user with app version 3.0 or greater, please go here for support. If you haven't updated your app, please check your App Store for the most recent version.

Real-time Notifications

There may be occasions when V1 Golf for Android must re-encode your online locker's videos, in order for those videos to be playable on your Android phone. Once you've been prompted by V1 Golf for Android that your videos will be encoded, you will no longer need to check on their progress. Once the video file has completed encoding, you will receive a notification via Android (much like an SMS message) informing you that the encoding process has completed. Clicking on the notification will download your encoded video and launch the Analyzer.

V1 Golf for Android will also continue to monitor your online locker for any additions or changes. If you've received a completed analysis, V1 Golf for Android will alert you with a notification that your analysis is ready for viewing. Clicking on the notification will take you into your online locker.

V1 Golf for Android's notification system is fully customizable, in order to allow you to choose to conserve your battery or check for updates more frequently. You can disable it at any time. You can also set V1 Golf for Android to check for updates every 15 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 1 hour. The notification system is set to Enabled by default, checking every 5 minutes. These settings can be found by touching your Android phone's MENU button and selecting "Settings".

Exiting V1 Golf for Android by using the MENU button, followed by the Exit button, will turn off all notifications. If you wish to continue receiving notificiations while not using V1 Golf for Android, use your Android phone's HOME or BACK buttons to leave the application.

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