Drawing in V1 Golf with Android

Edit your video using draw, shapes, move, undo, erase, and more!

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How To Draw An Angle

If you want to draw an angle, simply drawing two separate lines. Those lines will be combined into an angle shape with a degree measurement.

By default, you may use a two-finger touch to draw a line. This provides a very quick way to draw an angle. Use a two-finger tap twice with your thumb at the vertex and your forefinger at each endpoint.

Other Shapes, Freehand, and Zoom In/Out

You may choose other two-finger shapes by touching the Tools icon in the upper-right hand corner. Choose from Line, Circle, or Box.

Once you have selected the tool you wish to use, use two fingers. For the Box tool, your fingers will be the upper right-hand and lower left-hand corners of the box. For the Circle tool, your fingers will be two opposite points on the circle.

When Pan/Zoom is selected, using two fingers to move the image and to zoom-in on a particular region of the video. Using a single finger will draw freehand.

Undo and Erase

If you double-tap the screen, your most recently drawn line/shape will be erased. To erase all drawing from the screen, gently shake your Android phone or touch the Erase button. If you shake the phone, all of your lines/shapes will be erased.

To undo your most recent drawing, double-tap the image or touch the Undo button. 

You can also use the Undo Line and Erase Lines buttons within the Menu to achieve the same results.

Using the "Disable Touch Delete" setting will force you to use the buttons within the menu to Erase/Undo drawings. This is helpful if you find yourself accidentally removing lines.

Users who have had issues with drawings disappearing generally are inadvertently deleting them using motions. With our software, you can "shake" the device, like an Etch-A-Sketch, and it will delete all drawings. If you double-tap the screen, it will delete the last drawn line. If you would like to disable this feature, go to Menu and then go to Settings. Find and choose the "Disable Touch Delete" option that disables these motion features.

Select and Move Existing Objects

To move existing objects, touch the Tools icon and then select the Move tool. Orange handles will appear on your line or within your shape. Using multi-touch controls, you are able to adjust the size/length of the existing drawings. You can also use the Move tool to choose which line/shape you'd like to erase by first moving it and then double tapping.

How do I save?

Illustrations on screen at the time you close the video analysis will be saved and automatically restored when you next analyze the video.

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