V1 Golf lets you categorize and tag your videos by Name, Folder, Club and View Angle on the Video Details page. You will be able to search and sort by any of the fields to easily find your videos.
 You can categorize videos when you save them the first time after recording by entering the Video Details information prior to saving the video. For videos already saved, you can simply click on the thumbnail of the video on the Swings tab of the main Videos screen to access the Video Details screen.

 Name, Folders, Club and View Angle
 Tap into the text entry field under Video Name. We recommend each video have a unique name so you can find it easier in the future.
 V1 Golf provides three additional ways to categorize your videos: Folder, Club and View Angle. Tap into the text field under each of these categories, and a menu will appear allowing you to select from default choices. In the case of Folder, you can select a default folder or click on the plus sign in the upper right to create a new folder.

 Here's what a typical fully tagged video will look like. You have maximum flexibility to create a categorization system that works best for you.

 Editing Video Details
 From the Swings tab in the main Videos screen, click on the video to view its details. From here you can touch the Edit video details button to update the Name, Folder, Club and View Angle fields.

 Finding Videos - Search and Sort
 V1 Golf provides powerful tools to search and find videos. These searches work best if you are accurately naming and tagging your videos. Simply touch where it says "Search my swings" at the top of the Swings tab on the main Videos screen.

 Once you start typing in the Search field, the videos will start filtering by the text you enter.

 Search for a Club or View Angle will show all videos tagged with that Club or View Angle.


 Sorting Videos
 Videos under each tab are sorted with most recent at the top by default. Use the funnel icon to change the way it is sorted from Date to Name. You can further sort by reversing the sort using the up/down arrow icon. This will change the video sort from Newest at top to Oldest at top, or from alphabetic by Name to reverse-alphabetic.

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