How to compare two videos

  1. From a Stored folder, select and then choose to Analyze a reference video.
  2. Touch the V1 icon and select Compare.
  3. From the same or another Stored folder, select and then choose to Compare a second video. Your second video will appear above your reference video.
  4. Rotate the device onto its side to view the two videos side by side.
  5. Touch the V1 icon and select Flip if you are comparing a right-handed video to a left-handed video.
  6. Touch the Draw icon and select the Hand tool to pan and zoom one or both videos until the subjects appear to be in similar positions and have similar sizes.
  7. Touch the V1 icon and select Compare to find another video to compare to the same reference video.
  8. Touch the V1 icon and select Done to end video comparison, or to choose a new reference video.

How to select the video to control

The video position slider and playback buttons are used to control one video at a time. To select the video to control, tap on it. You will see the selected video flash and its position value highlighted as an indicator. Using two fingers, it is also possible to select both video simultaneously. When both videos are selected, you may use the video controls to manipulate the two videos together. The frame at which each video was positioned at the time you two-finger tapped will be used as a synchronization point.

How to overlay the two videos

Touch the V1 icon and select Overlay. You will see your two videos overlaid with transparency. When you tap the video, video control is toggled between the two videos.

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