Video Analysis in the V1 Golf App with iOS
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Analyzing Video

From the Swings tab or Models tab on the main Video screen, touch any video to open its preview screen. From here, touch the Analyze button to open the video for analysis.

When you select Analyze, you will be taken to the Analyzer screen. Here is an overview of the the tools:

 Playing Full Speed or Slow Motion
 Use the Play/Pause button to start or pause your video playback. Use the slider ball to move the video directly to a desired position.

Touch the 1/1 speed indicator next to the play button in order to change the playback speed. You can play back in 1/1 speed (full speed), 1/2 (half speed), 1/4 (quarter speed) or 1/8 (eighth speed).

 Frame by Frame
 Not only can you replay in slow motion, but you can advance frame by frame to pause and view key swing positions. Simply click on the frame forward or back icons.

 Drawing and On Screen Telestration
While analyzing video, the app allows you to draw directly onto the video with your fingers. A single finger is used to draw freehand, like using a pencil. If you draw an approximate line or circle with one finger, your drawing will be converted into a perfect shape. See our Drawing Article for more in depth help!
 Flip Right or Left Handed Swings
 Use the Flip button to horizontally mirror the video for analysis of left-handed vs. right-handed video.

Compare or Overlay Two Swings
 By default, a Single video is displayed. However, you may choose to analyze two videos simultaneously in order to compare before/after progress, or to compare your video to a model video. 

See more information on Trim in our Trim help Article.

Share or Download Videos and Snapshots
 The share option allows you to quickly send your video with or without on screen analysis to your pro, your device's photos album, Facebook, or as an email attachment. The Send Snapshot option allows you to send a still image of what you see on the display to your Printer, Facebook, or as an email attachment.

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