Import Videos (V1 Golf App)

How to access and download videos from your camera roll, Google Drive, iCloud, and more.

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This support article serves app versions 2.4.3 or earlier. If you have app version 2.4.3 or earlier, please update to the new version of V1 Golf by visiting your app store!

If you're a user with app version 3.0 or greater, please go here for support.

iPhone Users: How to Import Video for iOS

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Locate and select the camera icon at the bottom of the screen

  3. On the left-hand bottom corner of your screen there is an "import" option, click this.

  1. From here you are given the option to scroll through your camera roll, locate the video you would like to import and select

  2. Choose either to save to your V1 account or delete it. If you choose to save, the video will be accessible under the "Swings" section of your V1 Golf app.

Android Users: How to Import Video

In addition to using model video, video from your locker and capturing video on your Android phone, you may also import your own video using your phone.

The easiest way to import a video:

  1. Once inside the app, select "MENU"

  2. Choose option "Capture"

  3. Select V1 Capture

  4. Select "Import". This will launch your phone's Gallery application that will allow you to choose one video to import from photos or search within your Google Drive.

Another method for importing a video is to browse to a previously captured video within your phone's Gallery outside of V1 Golf for Android, select the Share function (by either long-pressing the video or touching the MENU key), and choose V1 Golf for Android.

Note that it may take a while to import a video that is very large. Please be patient...the importing process will complete.

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