Managing Stored Video in V1 Golf with Android
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Stored Page

The "Stored" folder is accessible on the home screen in the top right hand corner, identifiable by a folder icon. This folder consists of Models and Drills that are yours to download and use, along with any videos you've Captured, Imported, or Downloaded from your online locker.

Managing Stored Video

V1 Golf for Android automatically downloads and stores video Models that you choose to Analyze from either your academy Locker or the online Library. These will be labeled as Locker or Models, respectively.

Video that is captured with your Android phone's camera is labeled as Captured within the Stored tab.

Video that is imported into V1 Golf for Android, via your Android phone's Gallery, is labeled as Imported within the Stored tab.

In addition to the Locker, Models and Captured labels, you will find several other labels that exist to allow you to organize your video.

Customize Labels

To change a video's label or to change its title, touch the video in the list to display the Ribbon Menu and select 'Preview'. A preview screen will appear. From this screen, touch the Label button.

A video's preview screen may also offer several other icons. The Delete button may be used to delete the video from your phone. If the video was previously downloaded from your online Locker, it will remain in your online Locker unless you also use the Delete button from the Locker tab.

An Upload button will appear on the video's preview screen for a video which has been captured on your Android phone when you've logged into your locker.

The Analyze button will open the video into the app's video analysis screen.

The Ribbon Menu will also allow you to Play/Analyze, Upload, Share, and Delete directly, without using the Preview screen.

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