Trimming Your Videos in V1 Golf with Android
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How to Trim Video

V1 Golf for Android implements two trimming methods. By default, the software uses the "Playback" Trimming method. For videos that are not supported by Android, the software uses the "Analysis" Trimming method.

Playback Method
 The Playback Method plays back the video that you have captured. With the two blue orbs, you are able to set the start and end points of the finished video. When setting the start orb, the video will play from the beginning, starting at the new start point and ending at the set end point. When changing the end point, the video plays back the last second before the end point. The play/pause button allows you to control playback at any time. Once your endpoints are set, touching the scissors will begin the encoding operation

Analysis Method
 The Analysis Method uses the analyzer to trim videos that are not currently supported for playback within Android. Touching the video sets both start frame and end frame. Using the logo/Menu button, you are able to rotate the video, discard the captured video, re-record video, and, finally, trim the video.

Once trimmed, you are able to re-trim the trimmed video, using the Ribbon and/or Preview screens within the Stored area.

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