From recording to analysis, Sony’s Action Cam is a great tool to use in tandem with the V1 Pro app. Here are a few brief instructions to help you configure and begin using your camera with your iOS device.


To begin, you must first configure your Sony Action Cam to use WiFi and select the camera's WiFi network from your iPhone or iPad. To enable the camera's WiFi, go to Settings, select Remote, and set the WiFi to On.

The camera now may be set for either MOVIE (RECORD) or SEND (IMPORT) mode.

On the iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings app, and select Wi-Fi. The camera's network will have a name matching the SSID found on a sticker attached to the camera. When you select this network, you will be prompted for the password that is also found on this sticker. Note that only one device may connect to the camera's network at any time.

Once connected, you may launch V1 Pro. You should see a message appear stating that you are connected to the camera in either RECORD or IMPORT mode. If you do not see this message, return to the iPhone or iPad settings to verify connection to the camera.

From the Locker or the Stored pages, touch the camera icon at the top/right corner of the app. You will be asked whether you'd like to use the iPhone or iPad capture or Sony's Action Cam. If you select Sony's Action Cam, depending upon which mode the camera is in, you will now see either a video recorder page or a list of videos which may be imported from the camera.

If the camera is in Movie mode, you will see the video recorder page. This page resembles the standard V1 Pro capture page. There is a countdown timer option which you may set to one of T-0, T-5, T-10 or T-15 to select the number of seconds to count before recording begins. Touch this value to cycle through these choices. The blue Quality and Angle buttons may be used to select from among Sony's Action Cam's many recording modes.

The SSLOW quality mode is recommended. This setting will record 120 frames per second in 720p HD. The SLOW mode will record 60 frames per second while STD mode records 30 frames per second in 720p HD. The VGA and HQ modes are not recommended, as these modes produce video at resolutions which either are not optimal or not supported for use with the V1. In fact, with the HQmode, the video will be down-sampled to less than HD quality during the import process.

Touch either the red Record button on the app or the camera to begin recording (or to begin the countdown before recording). While recording, the time elapsed will be displayed. Touch either button to end recording. Touch Done to close the video recorder page.

Note that although it is possible to record a video of any length, you may import a maximum of 60 seconds worth of video at a time.

If you wish you may now switch the camera to Send mode to import your video. Again from the Locker or the Stored pages, touch the camera icon at the top/right corner of the app. If the camera displays AWAIT you must return to the iPhone or iPad Settings page and re-select the camera's Wi-Fi network.

If the camera is in Send mode, you will see the video import page. After the camera's directory has been read, you will see a page that enumerates the video that is stored on the camera beginning with the most recently recorded.

Together with a thumbnail image of the video, you will see a filename, a frame size, and a duration for each video. Touch any row in the list and you will be prompted to either Import to Stored or Import then Analyze. Either option will cause the video to be copied to the iPhone or iPad. If the video is 1920x1080 or is longer than the time specified on the V1 Pro Settings page, you will be taken to the video editor to trim the video prior to import. If the video is longer than 60 seconds you must select a 60 second segment (or shorter) that will be imported.

Once you have finished importing video, touch the cancel button at the bottom/left of the screen to return to the Library, Student or Locker page.

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