How to use the Library

The Library consists of all of the video stored on your device arranged by category. When you download a model it will appear in the Models category. When you capture a video it will placed in either the New category or the Student Video category. Other categories such as Favorites will be displayed if you have manually assigned video to these categories. The special category All will show everything in a single list.

To add new content to the library, touch the + button in the upper-right corner of the window.

If you are connected to the Internet, you may select Download V1 Model to download a model or drill from the V1 Golf Academy.

If you have a Youtube "share" link, select Download from YouTube to download the video from Youtube directly into your V1 Pro app.

From this menu, you may also choose New video capture or Choose from Library. See the Capture topic to learn how to record or import video into the app.

Managing Stored Video

To assign a video to another category or to change its title, touch the video in the list. A preview screen will appear. To get to the video folder picker on an iPhone, touch the Organize (folder) icon.

A video's preview screen may also offer several other icons. The Trashcan icon may be used to delete the video from the Library or Inbox. If the video was previously downloaded from your online Locker, it will remain in your online Locker unless you also use the Trashcan icon from the Locker page. If the video is in your Inbox, deleting it will cause the video to be "rejected" and the student will be informed that you will not be analyzing the video.

A Send icon will appear on the video's preview screen for a video which has been captured on your device. From here, you may Upload to your locker, Export to the device's photos album, Post it to facebook, or Email it as an attachment. It may not be possible to export one of the application's model videos in this way.
 The Description allows you to enter info about the video. It is populated automatically but you can change the info if desired. Simply tap in the area and delete/type your information.

The Analyze button will open the video into the app's video analysis screen.

To delete multiple files from the Library at one time, open a category list such as My Videos, then touch the + button in the upper-right corner of the window and select Delete Multiple. You may not select the items to delete one by one or you may choose to Delete All. Click Cancel to avoid making any changes.

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